EZY-IO UniBlade Server
Model: S2121-X6M006C4

Brand :EZY-IO
Rack Unit : 4RU
Width :19"
Total Capacity :288TB*
Node Model # :B122FB
Included Node Qty. :24
Storage type of Node :Internal Hard Drive
Storage capacity of Node :6TB* x2
Interconnect Module Model # :SX2G2
Included Interconnect Modules Qty. :2
Fan Module Model # :IF4G2
Included Fan Modules Qty. :6
Power Module Capacity :800W
Included Power Modules Qty. :2
Rails Model # :FR488CG8
Included Rails Qty. :1 Set
* 1TB = 1 000 000 000 000 Bytes
Please contact support@ezyio.com for a customized
configuration or any technical assistance.

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