UniBlade Server Products: 
    S2121-X6M000A4: 4RU, HDD NOT included
    S2121-X6M006C4: 4RU Higher Density, 288TB Capacity
    S2121-X6M006B4: 4RU Standard, 144TB Capacity
    S2121-X6M008B4: 4RU Standard, 192TB Capacity
    S2121-X6M050C4: 4RU High Performance, 48TB Capacity
    S2121-X6M040B4: 4RU Ultra High Performance, 12TB Capacity
    S2121-X6M050B4: 4RU Ultra High Performance, 24TB Capacity

	             Height: 4 Rack Units
	              Width: 19"
	             Weight: 35kg(w/o disk)
	          UniBlades: 24
	       Cooling Fans: 6, up to 12 (optional)
	       Power Supply: 1, up to 2 (optional)
	  Integrated Switch: 1, up to 2 (optional)
	Backup Power Supply: up to 2 (optional)
	    Chassis Locator: 1 (optional)
	                SoC: Marvell Armada 370 (1GHz, ARM v7)
	             Memory: 512MB, up to 2GB (optional)
	         SATA ports: 2
	           Ethernet: 2x Gigabit
	   Programmable LED: 3 (Red, Yellow & Green)
	 Typical Power Con.: 3 Watts

Please contact support@ezyio.com for a customized
configuration or any technical assistance.